Free On-site Quotes

We provide a free on-site quote and consultation for every job. We do not issue “estimates” for work. With Six Tree you get a written, guaranteed-price quote every time. 

Six Tree takes your time very seriously. While it’s nice to be able to meet in person, we understand that you are very busy and might not have time to meet with us. All we need is a good description from you over the phone or via email, and we will visit your location before sending your quote to you by email. After we have visited your location to size up the tree(s), we will carefully review all of the relevant factors so that we can get you our best possible price on the work. For a free, no-obligation quote, please give us a call at 403 220 0007, or email here today!

How much does it cost to remove my tree?

How do I choose a tree service?

How much does it cost to remove my tree?

Tree removal or stump grinding costs can vary greatly. The cost is based on the characteristics of your tree and the length of time needed to complete a safe removal. Some factors that affect a quote include:  

  • Size of the tree  
  • Type of tree  
  • Tree health (weakened, broken, or rotted sections take more time to safely dismantle, or the presence of multiple tops weakening the tree)  
  • Location of the tree relative to where the truck and chipper must be parked (long, narrow, and/or convoluted routes take more time to navigate during disposal) 
  • Other features of the yard (power lines, house location, driveway location) 

Since there are so many factors that affect the cost for removing a tree, we do site visits as part of every quote requested.

Give us a call at 403 220 0007, or email here today!

How do I choose a tree service?

Nobody wants to pay more than they have to for any product or service. Good, safe tree work is an investment, and everyone has different values and a different tolerance for risk. It’s up to you to determine what is the best value for you, and price is just one of many factors that you should consider. We want to help you to better understand what you’re getting when you choose Six Tree. Our goal is offer you the best value in a professional tree removal service.

We don’t mind you comparison shopping. In fact, we hope that you do! If you have the time to look at the many tree services in and around Calgary, then you can get a better idea of what particular value each one offers, and where our unique value fits into the market. 

The truth is that there is a HUGE range of professional tree services in Calgary – it’s an unregulated industry in Alberta, for good and ill. You have lots of choices available at every price point, and it’s up to you to decide what level of service you are going to invest in. If you are comparing quotes, be sure you are comparing apples to apples, and read the fine print. We would be happy to answer any questions you have after price shopping and explain the value of our services! Give us a call at 403 220 0007, or email here today!