Tree Pruning Services

We offer pruning services on any type of tree or shrub. Examples of pruning services include aesthetic/regular maintenance pruning, structural pruning (removing select branches to improve a tree’s form and/or health), raising the canopy (trimming low-hanging branches), deadwooding (removing dead branches throughout the tree), removing black knot, or reducing the footprint of a tree (trimming from around the perimeter).

It is amazing what a difference pruning makes to the aesthetics of your tree and yard! Regular pruning helps to de-clutter your trees and decreases the amount of debris falling from the tree into your yard. It also increases the amount of light through the trees into your yard or windows. Pruning requires a great deal of experience, as the types and locations of the cuts are very important. Removing too big of a stem or making extremely large cuts could leave your tree injured, and may lead to decline of the tree within the next few years.  

Lilac bush BEFORE pruning
Lilac bush AFTER pruning

Spruce trees are very common in Calgary, and offer a particular challenge in keeping your yard tidy! A dead wood is a special type of pruning that involves the removal of all of the dead/excess branches within a spruce tree, and helps to decrease the amount of debris that is produced by the tree for the next 10 years!  

Spruce tree BEFORE pruning
Spruce tree AFTER pruning

Please note that we do not offer or recommend “tree topping” services. From a safety standpoint, topped trees almost always regrow with multiple tops, none of which are as well attached to the main trunk as the original top was. They are MUCH more likely to break off during a windstorm or wind/snow event, and the number of examples of this seen in the last 5 years in Calgary is truly alarming. Moreover, topping is not good for the tree’s health. Remember: Tree topping is a short-term solution, creating long-term problems. Please DON’T top your trees. 

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