Tree Removal

Tree removal involves the above-ground portion of the tree only, and is often followed by stump grinding. If you haven’t seen it done before, our tree climber will generally use a belt and spurs to climb the tree, taking the branches off on the way up. Once at the top with no branches remaining, the tree climber cuts the trunk off in short sections on the way back down. Using this general method, the tree is dismantled in safe, manageable chunks, reducing the risk of damage to surrounding property. The trunk can be left standing at any height (some people use them as landscaping features), but most will opt for having the stump cut off as low as possible. Bringing in a stump grinder to further reduce the stump is optional.

Branches are chipped on site directly into our chip truck before being hauled away. All fine debris is cleaned up using rakes, brooms and blowers, leaving your yard very nearly as tidy as before. The trunk wood is typically cut into firewood lengths and left on the curb or in the alley to be picked up within 1-3 calendar days. We maintain a database of people who use firewood, and notify one of them when it becomes available. That way this valuable resource does not get “wasted” in the landfill. If you prefer, same-day firewood disposal is available, and of course if you would like to keep the firewood you are welcome to do so. If you have special concerns about how a tree removal may impact your yard, house, or neighborhood, please give us a call (403 220 0007) or email here and we’ll be happy to discuss alternative approaches that may leave a smaller footprint.