Service for stump removal after tree removal

If you would like the stump ground at and below the surface of your yard, we will bring in one of several top-of-the-line machines and our expert operator will grind the stump into mulch. For greater efficiency, our stump grinder operates on a schedule separate from our tree removal crew, so the stumps are generally ground 1-3 business days after trees are removed (barring weather delays, etc.).

Depending on the size of the stump, you will be left with a little or a lot of stump mulch, neatly piled in the hole where the stump was. This material will settle over time, so it is important that at least a small mound be left in place otherwise you will eventually be left with a depression where the stump was. Excess mulch from the stump grinding can be removed from the site as an option, but most prefer to deal with it themselves (stump mulch is useful material for landscaping and gardening, or can always be disposed of in your green bin). If you have roots showing on the surface and you would like them ground as well, we are happy to do so. 

Stump grinding is optional. Some choose to leave the stump in the ground and let it rot away, but be advised that this can take many years due to Calgary’s generally dry conditions. The root systems of some species of trees are prone to aggressively sending up suckers (new shoots) after the tree has been removed above ground – in our experience, grinding the stump is the best way to prevent this. In some cases you would still get some suckering, but the effect is drastically reduced. It will diminish and disappear in future years if you simply snip off the offending shoots before they can establish themselves and start feeding energy to the remaining root system. If you have questions about stump grinding, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 403 220 0007 or email here.